GDPR (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION) is a comprehensive set of personal data protection rules. IT is the european regulation that is unifirmly valid in all EU countries.

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AXENTA A.S. has years of experience in IT security.

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We are able and ready to take all the necessary steps associated with the auditting of the current status, comparing with GDPR requirement, proposing the measures, changes and to define new processes to meet the requirements of the new european regulation on the personal data protection.

About us


Mission: We do things differently – we offer our customers solutions to their pressing problems and newly-emerged situations.
Motto: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Vision: We want to change the view of our customers on IT – our wish is that our functional solutions help save our customer’s time, money and nerves!

About AXENTA a.s.

AXENTA a.s. was founded in May 2009 based on our belief that there is a great need on the market for a systems integrator with added value and experience in the area of comprehensive security, i.e. security of information technologies, protection of information and physical security.

AXENTA a.s. is a company founded on knowledge we obtained when realising ICT projects or investigating serious technological malfunctions in information systems. From this stems the company philosophy of focusing on foresight (caution in action, prediction of upcoming negative influences) and thus focusing on the ways of integrating local security systems into larger wholes. We combine the protection of servers with perimeter devices within a unified location; together, these solutions are capable of real-time overview of the security situation. We can then work further to integrate authentication and authorisation systems and end station security or improve the support of the Incident Response process.

The founders of AXENTA come originally from a background of information technology security, where they gained many years of professional and life experience.

Take advantage of our knowledge; you will save time and money by investing into the best and time-tested solutions.

The people

Peter Jankovský

Graduated from the Technical University in Košice, Slovakia. From the beginning of his carrier in GiTy, he has been specializing both technically and architecturally in SIEM and SOC systems. During his several years of work as CISO of PPF Bank, his managerial focus was put on ensuring the security of systems and processes associated with monetisation influences. He has broad experience with CNB audits, corrective measures project management, best-practice of bank standards and CNB directives as well as with banking systems environment and their application in relation to business processes of financial institutions.

Working in AXENTA, he applies his experience as an architect of log management, SIEM and SOC solutions, together with deep knowledge of implementation and long-term operation of SIEM systems.

He is the only holder of the highest certification of the Trustwave SIEM Architect within the European Region. Besides of that, he has a much wider knowledge of security monitoring tools (SIEM, UBA, NBA) developed for building the complex solutions (AlienVault, ArcSight, McAfee, SPLUNK, QRadar).

He has been working with AXENTA since 2010 as a member of the Board of Directors and CTO. He is responsible for the projects implementation, for the operation of AXENTA services, customer support and, last but not least, AXENTA CyberSOC.

Lukáš Přibyl

Graduate of the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology. Before working in the Dukovany nuclear power plant, he worked in a number of companies as a business manager. His starting position in Dukovany was that of a specialist for the preparation of investments. He subsequently moved over to the ČEZ headquarters in Prague to the post of ICT system security specialist of the ČEZ Group, where he worked for more than 3 years. He then accepted ČEZ’s offer for a position in the investment division, focusing on the completion of power plants in Prunéřov, Tušimice and Jaslovské Bohunice, specialising on energy systems, electrical infrastructure, MaR and SCADA.

He possesses excellent organisational skills, business experience and social empathy. In the course of his work, he gained experience managing projects and preparing the investments for large projects in both ICT security (over 10 mil. CZK) and construction and technological implementation (over 100 mil. CZK) with focus on the areas of engineering, electrical engineering, MaR and ICT (SCADA). Further, he is the exclusive lecturer for the subjects of Electrical power engineering and Power engineering management for ČEZ.

He has been a part of AXENTA since its founding in the position of its general manager and is also a member of the board of directors. .

Peter Štubňa

Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Žilina and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. He worked for over 10 years in GiTy as a technical director, director of the WAN division and a director of product marketing. After leaving GiTy, he worked as a business director for security solutions in D-ICZ, the subsidiary company of ICZ in Bratislava, until 2011.

He has extensive practical experience with introducing new products and services, preparing and implementing projects in the area of ICT security, providing telecommunication solutions and services in the environment of large enterprises and state administration, and managing business relations.

Since 2012, he has been working in AXENTA as its business development manager, handling communication with major costumers in Slovakia and abroad. AXENTA also utilises his vast experience when realising and managing projects for large customers.

Ján Lichvár

Graduate from the Technical University in Košice with specialization on industrial enterprises quality management. He started his professional career with Asbis SK as a Product Manager and Key Account Manager and has been there for 9 years. Consequently, he moved to the system integrator GAMO a.s. where he worked as Commercial Director and Member of the Board of Directors.

With many years of experience in the field of sales and communication with customers, he has gained significant experience in managing the business teams and identification of ICT customer needs.

In AXENTA, he has been in the position of Business Development Manager since 2017, with the aim of bringing new projects and application the expertise of AXENTA's employees. Since October 2017 he is a co-owner and managing director of AXENTA s.r.o. company, which covers business activities, communication with customers and partners in the Slovak Republic.